Did you see us this morning?

Such a wonderful feeling to wake up this morning and watch the feature that the Melissa Harris Perry Show on MSNBC did on Question Bridge: Black Males at the Brooklyn Museum. The responses on Twitter were great to see as well! So happen to see that people who hadn’t seen or heard about Question Bridge were excited to visit the exhibit. I think I was even more excited to see that people who have seen the exhibit where even more excited than ever. Just a reminder, Brooklyn exhibit will be up in the Brooklyn Museum until June 3rd. If you are on the West Coast, Oakland Museum will be on exhibit until July 8th  and at UMOCA until May 19th. ATL, these are your final days to see the exhibit at the City Gallery at Chastain. The show which includes pieces from Chris Johnson, Hank Willis Thomas, and Bayeté Ross Smith with be closing this month on the 17th.

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